Open GYm

You are free to train during the hours of operation regardless of whether or not a class is being taught, provided you do not interfere and are respectful towards the students and instructor(s). 

Classes begin at 6AM on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, but there will always be someone available to work with you during the other hours of operation.


Train to fight

Want an experience you won't find at Title Boxing? Flash Academy is the place for you. If you want to step in the ring and be the next Tyson, Mayweather, Canelo, or Ali, you have found the right place. 

Nobody has to step in the ring, but if you choose to, it'll be on your terms at your pace. You will never find a more respectful collection of fighters.



The martial arts are ancient forms of self defense that have adapted throughout the years while maintaining their core principles and forms. 

Flash Academy offers karate classes to people of all ages and skill levels. Drop in on Monday or Wednesday from 7PM to 8PM and join the team!


Discipline - the key ingredient for success in life is the discipline of mind and body. Setting goals and making sure they are accomplished builds discipline. Whatever goal I set for myself, I will first get a mental image in my mind of exactly what it is I want to achieve, the I will be determined and persistent enough to overcome all obstacles that get in my way toward that goal. Finally, I will train or study accordingly until that goal is accomplished.

Integrity - I will be sincere and honest in my relationships with others and maintain high moral principles in my daily living.

Loyalty - I will be faithful, I will support, defend, maintain allegiance and be true to myself, my family, my country, my friends, and the F.K.F. (Flash Karate Federation)

Respect - Rules and regulations of conduct for use inside the studio:

  1. No profanity in the studio
  2. No shoes are to be worn on the mat
  3. Everyone will bow before entering and when leaving the mat
  4. All instructors will be addressed as Mr., Mrs., or Miss.
  5. When a high black belt member enters a studio with a class in session the instructors will stop the class and acknowledge their presence by having the class bow to them
  6. No student shall join or leave a class in progress without the instructor's permission
  7. Students will not free spar without protective gear
  8. No jewelry will be worn during class
  9. Students will not chew gum during class
  10. Students will always work out in a clean uniform
  11. No students will test for promotion if behind on lessons or payments
  12. Chest protectors are suggested for female students




Eddie "Flash" Newman is a 3-time WKA Kick Boxing World Champion. He is quicker than a lightning bolt and packs the same punch. 

There is an open gym policy for kick boxing. Classes are paired with the orthodox boxing lessons, but you will be given direct one-on-one attention and instruction specific to kick boxing. 

The early bird catches the worm - classes begin at 6AM on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, but there will always be someone to work with you if you show up at any point during the hours of operation.