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The Crew

Eddie "Flash" Newman

Trey Elvis Hansen

Rick Montoya

Brandon Lee



Born to Fight

Eddie "Flash" Newman is a legend in the world of martial arts. A 3-time WKA Kick Boxing World Champion and International Karate Hall of Fame Inductee, he was born to fight. He is as fast as a bolt of lightning and packs the same punch. 

But Flash is much more than a fighter. He is an exceptional trainer, socialite, mentor, and friend. He has worked with everyone, from inexperienced amateurs to world champion boxers. In a former life, Flash served as a body guard for the likes of Michael Jackson, Jeffrey Osborne, Prince, and Rick James. Today, he still surrounds himself with celebrities and star athletes. But instead of guarding them, he trains and promotes them. 

But his true skill is his ability to work with everyone. Flash is a wonderful human being who has a passion for life and for helping people. He makes for an exceptional trainer and an even better friend.